Protect and Restore Connecticut’s Soil Health

The Council coordinates a state-wide discussion of soil health initiatives in Connecticut through the Soil Health Committee to further advance the adoption of soil health best management practices on agricultural, forest and urban land.  Committee members advise the Governor’s Council on Climate Change Working and Natural Lands Work Group on the creation of the new Climate Change Plan for Connecticut.

Healthy Soils are pivotal in meeting the State’s water quality and quantity goals, and the goals for climate change mitigation and adaptation.   The Council is proposing legislation that could move Connecticut forward in protecting our soil health, with an update to the Soil Conservation statute. Click on the title below to review the Council’s proposed legislation:

Soil Conservation Title update

We believe that it is important for Connecticut to recognize the importance of protecting and restoring soil health in our state by including it in the CT General Statutes.  We are looking to move forward with only the one piece of legislation this year, the update of the Soil Conservation statute.  Further actions on soil health will be delayed until we have the findings of the GC3 subcommittee and the Council’s soil health committee over the coming year.